Ofrim Group is now in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Italy!

OFRIM Group in Croatia. Your partner for success

OFRIM Group provides in Croatia a wide range of products and services and his activity includes 3 different business lines:

– industrial, R&D and educational;
– engineering for payment management regarding the vending, transport & parking and retail markets;
– design and contract manufacturing for architectural and constructions.

Each business line is managed independently, but the group could be involved anytime in any different and complex project which includes all or different business lines. In this case, OFRIM Group, based his local companies, could be your local partner for a lot of your business opportunities.

OFRIM Group is local distributor of different well know worldwide companies from USA, Japan and Europe as Stanford Research Systems (test & measurement), Lake Shore Cryotronics (cryogenic temperature and magnetic measurements), Janis Research (cryogenic equipment), Associated Research, Inc., (instruments for electrical safety compliance testing), Microstar Laboratories (computer data acquisition boards and software), DataQ Instruments (data acquisition boards and software), Laser Probe (radiometer, energy meters, power meters), InduSoft (SCADA and tools for e-Automation), USA, Eagle Technology (data acquisition boards and software), South-Africa, Transmille (electrical multi-function calibrators), Elpro (data loggers), Europe, NF Corporation (test & measurement), Japan, Elettronica Veneta & IN.EL S.p.A. (educational equipment) and Didacta, Italy, (educational equipment).

Our partners or our suppliers are complementary to each other, but create together a compact offer to our customers regarding the scientific activities (physics, chemistry and biology) and engineering (electrical and electronic measurements, test and measurement systems, industrial and laboratory automation, data acquisition systems based PC, hardware and software).

OFRIM Group by its Engineering business line is in Croatia a full-service engineering design and contract manufacturing group specialized in electronics, electrical engineering, industrial informatics and physics which integrate complex and high performance system based his original own equipments and products from Tektronix & KEITHLEY Instruments (data acquisition and test & measurement), Cascade Microtech, Inc., (advanced wafer probing solutions), AMETEK Programmable Power (programmable AC/DC sources, electronic loads), Associated Research, Inc., (instruments for electrical safety compliance testing), HIOKI EE Corporation (test & measurement) or Teseq (products for EMC tests). The business expertise of OFRIM Group team ensures a competitive position of group as producer and system integrator for complex projects in Croatia market.

OFRIM Group is involved as project developer in the vending machines, transport and parking systems and retail markets. His portfolio includes solutions and products for telemetry and cache management systems (banknote and coin acceptors, telemetry systems, equipment for counting and storing money, equipment care and cleaning solutions).

Also, OFRIM Group is capable of providing full service architectural work for projects, both large and small based his collaboration with company InterTECH Design Ltd., OFRIM Group member, too.
The actual portfolio ranges are from high-end custom residences, home remodeling and additions, office buildings, retail centers to high-rise senior living centers and not only.

We aim to be the best, the most powerful and always present where our clients need us or where we will have something valuable to offer.

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