Ofrim Group is now in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Italy!

About Us. We aim to be the best

Working in a group has always been the basic strategy considering everything that has been done since 1991 related to a private way of promoting the existing knowledge and skills.

The first activities in the private sector began in 1990 and are related to the companies READY and SATEC with an attempt of continuing their current activity.

In 1992 a significant activity in the private sector started within BFD Import Export company.
At the end of 1992, the BFD activity consisting of computer technology and electronics distribution was separated and formed a new company, called OF Systems.

The division of equipments for electric and electronic measurements was separated from OF Systems and on the 31st of March 1993 the company InterNET Ltd. was established, which marks the significant beginning of our activity.

InterNET Ltd. aims to distribute high quality professional equipments in the electrical measurements field. Moreover, using these equipments, InterNET Ltd. develops embedded applications, both hardware and software.

Our first supplier, the company Keithley Instruments, Inc., USA, has been defining what followed. Subsequently, we searched for new suppliers to achieve a family of products based on complementarity and performance.

Construction of this group wanted to be able to meet various needs and interests of our customers in Romania and other neighbouring countries. We started in March 1993 in Romania and now, through our activities, we are present in 8 countries in the South-East Europe.

We aim to be the best, the most powerful and always present where our clients need us or where we will have something valuable to offer.

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