Ofrim Group is now in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Italy!

Products. A wide range

OFRIM Group offers many high performance products, systems and solutions for the industry, institutes/laboratories of R&D and universities markets and could be your partner and supplier for the following type of products:

  • Test & Measurement
  • Scientific Aparatus
  • Scientific Test Systems
  • Semiconductor Test Systems
  • Instruments for Electrical Safety Compliance Testing
  • Test systems for EMC
  • Training systems
  • Data Acquisition Systems, DAQ
  • Software for DAQ and SCADA
  • Automated payment systems

We tailor these products and solutions to your exact business and research needs. We understand that the test and measurement system that makes one company successful may not work for another. Each client and project is different and we are already prepared for this.

Please follow these links to see our full range of products available in: Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary or Ukraine.

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