NF Corporation launches CA5350 programmable current amplifier

It’s our great pleasure to introduce the CA5350 programmable current amplifier from our partner NF Corporation .

CA5350 is a variable gain type, current-input voltage-output amplifier.

The features are 1)Low Noise (2.5fA/√Hz typ.), 2)Broad Bandwidth, and 3) High gain.

The unique circuit design enables stable operations even with the capacitance of the connecting cables and sensors, eliminating any concerns about oscillation.

The built-in suppression current source is adjustable to cancel the input of dark current.

The CA5350 includes USB, GPIB interface and support remote control and integration of the CA5350 into an automatic measurement system.

There are no comparable products available in the market.

Actually, the similar product, Keithley428 has been discontinued.

When it comes to fast response and stable operation, CA5350 performs better than Keithley 428.

The customers below are the possible candidates for CA5350.
*A Researcher /professor using other manufactures lock in Amplifier.
*The customer who owns Keithley428 and would like to purchase the additional/replacement amplifier.

Please find more details about CA5350 here